NVAK Collective

1. Game-Changing Partnership

Reveel x Nvak Collective Music Video Game

2. Project:

We partnered with Nvak Collective, a web3-driven record label and artist advocacy collective, to manage payout distribution for a groundbreaking Music Video Game for artist Annika Rose's track "Bruises." The public sale for tickets to the Listening Room sold out within a day, with a total of 2,500 NFT tickets minted.

3. Challenge:

In the traditional music industry, record labels act as intermediaries, controlling the distribution and revenue streams of artists' work. Nvak Collective sought a solution to manage large-scale projects and streamline their operations while embracing web3 technology.

4. Solution:

By leveraging Reveel's protocol, Nvak Collective was able to recoup initial investments for the Music Video Game before sharing the remainder of the funds among the CG team, web3 sales, NFT artwork, the artist, the label, and core team members. Reveel's Revenue Path facilitated instant and ongoing payouts to ensure the entire team received fair compensation.