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No more hours wasted on paperwork. No more headaches. We automate your business so you have more time to create.

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We believe creators are meant to change the world. Not do paperwork.

Our goal is to make the admin work around
 the creative process really simple so you can
 spend your time on what you love: creating.

Not every artist has the entire infrastructure that Majors have.

Commercialize your music like a pro. Reveel is your business admin team.

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Master points

Easier business means happier collaborators

No more long email chains with collaborators to talk business. In a few clicks, you can add them to projects, credit them & get their professional information.

Centralize collaborator data for new releases
Tag collaborators & assign from over 990 credits
Create Label Copy sheets with the click of a button

Ensure you get paid

Publishing, master, neighboring rights... we got you covered. Reveel makes sure you have all the data in place to release your music and get paid from day one.

100% Metadata coverage to ensure royalty payments
Automatic creator data completion for credits
Industry standard exports to release your music

I really believe in the impact Reveel can have on the music industry in terms of transparency.

Michael Malih

Songwriter - Madonna, Black Coffee, Sabina Claudio, Macy Gray...

Every artist knows what it’s like to get left out 
of credits… it stings! What Reveel is doing,
 by automating credits and paperwork, will have 
a huge impact on the livelihood of millions of artists.

Arabian Prince

Founding member of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
inducted rap group N.W.A

I love what Reveel is doing! Securing the future 
of the music business.

Merc Beatz

Producer - P. Diddy, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes...

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