Send, Receive & Participate in the New Internet

Reveel is your Onchain Account for the new internet. Participate & send money to anyone, anywhere, on any chain.

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  • Your Onchain Account

    Reveel is your multi-chain & multi-wallet account. You can finally aggregate your onchain activity. Import all your wallets.

    Send Money Anywhere

    Connect to your bank, move money on & off-chain seamlessly, and send which ever token - stablecoin or memecoin - you chose.

    Get Social & Participate

    Connect to dApps with any of your wallets & participate in the new internet. Reveel will even bring the onchain economy to you (coming soon).

    Rewards for being You

    Gain points for all your onchain activity. No matter which wallet you use, if it’s connected to your Reveel account, your transactions generate rewards.

  • Welcome to Onchain Accounts

    Reveel is pioneering a new social payments layer on top of existing wallets. We’re fixing the fragmentation problem by creating a single home for your onchain activity.

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  • For Business

    Automate your Payout with Rev Share

    Our Revenue Share platform helps leading brands & creators automate their accounting & distributing profits to partners.

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