On-Chain Revenue Management for

Reveel is a Revenue Share Protocol that allows a trustless, gas-efficient and composable way to distribute Web3 earnings with collaborators.

Backed by Binance Labs

Reveel is a proud graduate of Binance Labs Season 4 Incubation Program.

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Reveel Protocol v1

Trustless On-Chain Revenue Sharing for any Token, Network or Marketplace

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Our protocol has been audited by Quantstamp.

















Reveel Revenue Path Protocol

  • health_and_safety


    Don't rely on middlemen & automated revenue accounting.

  • tune


    Advance recoupment & percentage splits that evolve over time.

  • account_balance_wallet

    Direct Withdraw

    Access funds directly with no intermediary transactions or fees.

  • edit


    Creator-controlled edits for when terms change.

  • extension


    Hyperstructure for revenue sharing.

  • local_gas_station

    Gas Efficient

    Save on gas with direct distribution & batch withdrawals

Protocol Use Cases

  • payment

    Recoup Advances

    Recoup an advance before splitting revenue.

  • sell

    Primary vs. Secondary Splits

    Set different % splits for primary & secondary sales.

  • call_split

    Evolving Splits

    Set different splits & add recipients based on revenue milestones.

  • manage_accounts

    Cap Earnings & Donations

    Cap earnings for specific recipients.

Partners & Press

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  • hypebot
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Who can benefit from Reveel?

  • NFT Projects

    Automatically share primary & secondary sales revenue with all your collaborators.

  • Metaverse Shows

    Create shared “tip jars” to pool earnings from metaverse events on any platform.

  • DAOs

    Build automated accounting systems to distribute revenue or payout specific projects.

  • Record Labels

    Build trustless royalty distribution contracts that automate artist splits & payouts.

  • Creators

    Revenue Paths

    Create your own fully decentralized & composable smart contract to split on-chain revenue.

    • Splits

      Define splits to share revenue with your collaborators & partners.

    • Tiers

      Set different splits for primary & secondary sales to recoup advances.


Introducing the Reveel SDK

Implement Reveel's Revenue Share Protocol in your project using the Reveel SDK. Save time & offer better solutions for creators to share revenue.

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npm install @r3vl/sdk ➡️ Successfully installed Reveel SDK const mainnetFactoryAddress = "0xae4EfaEB758f149f9C780268986537E45Bd57d7C"; ➡️ Factory Contract (reveelMain) instantiated const pathName = "My Super Successful Mega Path" ➡️ "My Super Successful Mega Path" has been created 🔥
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    The Reveel Community consists of talented creators, collectors, developers & much more. Come join us as we continue to grow and help shape the future of Web3.

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